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Nanny Cam Mini Clock Radio Hidden DVR-Continuous Review

Top Secret Nanny Cam Mini Clock Radio Hidden DVROne of the most discreet hidden cameras we have reviewed... Read on to find out what makes it so good.You come home one day and you’re missing a family heirloom sitting on the dining room table. It’s expensive and there...

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Nanny Cam Reviews: Mini 4-In-1 Clock Radio with DVR

Mini 4-In-1 Clock Radio with DVRYour family's safety should NOT be taken lightly - this highly rated nanny cam gets high marks from us, and can help keep your family and belongings safeWhen it comes to your family’s safety and the security of your home, nothing should...

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Smoke Detector Nanny Cam Review

Smoke Detector Nanny Cam ReviewThis is one of the highest rated nanny cams we have reviewed. In fact, there is only ONE thing keeping this from being a full 5-Start product . . .Today’s busy world demands that all of us take extra precautions to be safe in both our...

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Why Do You Need a Nanny Cam?

So you come home from work one day to find money missing from your dresser drawer.  There were only two people in the house all day, and they both deny taking it.

How do you find out who took it?  After all, don’t you want to know for sure?

Or maybe you think your babysitter is having her boyfriend over when she is watching your kids.  Or worse, you notice your child gets very scared or nervous when the babysitter shows up, and you want to know why.  The babysitter isn’t going to admit abusing your child, is she?

So how do you know for sure?  The best way is indisputable video evidence.  Hidden cameras (also called nanny cams) are the best ways to keep an eye on things while you are away, and catch whatever is going on in your absence.

But what nanny cam is right for you?

Let Our Nanny Cam Reviews Help You Pick The Camera That Is Right For You!

 It is important to remember that not all nanny cams are made the same – we’ve tested some that cost over $500 that we would never recommend, and we’ve tested others that are less than $100 that do an incredible job with tons of great features.

Some people are tempted to go out and buy the highest priced camera they can find, thinking it must be the best one available.  But that is not always the case.

So if you need a high quality hidden camera but just can’t decide which one to get, take a look at our reviews here.

We’re here for YOU – so if you have any questions, just click on the Contact Us button on this page and let us know what you need help with!

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Is Using A Nanny Cam An Invasion of Privacy?

Nanny Cam Use In Nursing Homes I just finished reading an article on about using nanny cams in nursing homes and retirement homes that has me thinking. The point of the article is to ask if using a camera in a nursing home if you have a loved one there is good for...

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Be Careful Where You Store Your Nanny Cam Recordings

I was pretty curious when a friend recently sent me an email with this as the subject: Nanny Cam Hacked! Most of the hidden cameras we review here at Nanny Cam Reviews are simple, do-it-yourself cameras - everything is handled by you, the owner, and nobody else is...

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