Nanny Cam Use In Nursing Homes

I just finished reading an article on about using nanny cams in nursing homes and retirement homes that has me thinking. The point of the article is to ask if using a camera in a nursing home if you have a loved one there is good for their protection or an invasion of privacy.

I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories about what goes on in these nursing homes – the abuse (physical & mental), poor living conditions, etc. If I had a loved one in a nursing home, you better believe I’d want to have some kind of recording device in their room.

At the very least, letting the staff know there is a camera in the room guarantees there will be no poor treatment while in their room. They’d be crazy to abuse someone if they know there is a nanny cam watching their every move while in the room.

But is it fair to the person living there? As the article points out, the camera may catch moments where your loved one is not at their best, and they may not want that to be recorded. But if they understand that it is there for their protection, would that be enough to justify it? One would think you wouldn’t go around showing people video of your mom or dad changing or being cared for in the nursing home.

But not all states allow this, but more and more are coming on board. So you’ll definitely want to check the laws in your state before you go ahead with this.

A motion activated nanny cam would be best here, so it only records when there is someone moving around in the room. Cameras with night vision would also be helpful so you can capture video if someone tries sneaking in at night.

You can read the article here:

So what do you think? Is a nanny cam in nursing homes and retirement homes a good idea, or an invasion of privacy?