Top Secret Nanny Cam Mini Clock Radio Hidden DVR

One of the most discreet hidden cameras we have reviewed… Read on to find out what makes it so good.

You come home one day and you’re missing a family heirloom sitting on the dining room table. It’s expensive and there were only two other people in the house at the time it went missing.

Do you burn bridges trying to play detective accusing the wrong person of the theft?

You suspect a child is rough housing another. The one being abused accuses the abuser. But the abuser refuses to admit any wrong doing. You’re not seeing this personally, but clearly it’s affecting the abused. Oddly enough, there are no signs of physical harm.

What if this is just a simple case of pity party and revenge?

Do you assume there is physical harm?

Or do you want PROOF of it?

That’s where the Top Secret Nanny cam comes in.

Nanny Cam Features

    • Automatic Infrared Night vision – Supports up to 32GB Micro SD card. NOT INCLUDED
    • Beautiful video in low light even without IR or use in TOTAL DARKNESS
    • Continuous Loop record works plugged in or with incl/battery
    • View Covert Videos on 2 inch screen. No need for PC.
    • Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Construction
Mini Clock Radio Built In DVR Nanny Cam

The Good

Here are reasons why buyers rely on the top secret nanny cam mini clock radio for the hidden video recording needs…

Buyers typically receive the order faster ahead of shipping delivery estimates regardless of where you are in the country or internationally.

When it comes to nanny cams, most are garbage. So it’s a breath of fresh air when one comes along sweeping the competition off its feet.

For example:

This nanny cam is so discreet in its design it fits snugly in most hands. The LED display light is dimly lit, yet noticeable enough.

Also, one unique benefit is that it comes with both 110V and 240V so it can be used anywhere worldwide outside America. However, it has a U.S plug so you need plug adapters for other countries – but you don’t need a voltage change.

The most common ‘tip off’ indicator people realize when they’re being recorded is when the little dot glows ‘red’ in color. Not this nanny cam. The IR LED lighting is 940nm. This means although it’s recording video, it will never signal it’s recording to the naked human eye. This keeps recordings hidden and discreet.

You have the option to choose between 320×240 or 640×480 video resolution (standard choices for security cams).

What you’ll find is if you’re settings are at 640×480 high-quality resolution, you’ll get superior, undeniable video ‘proof’ that can stand up in the court of law if need be.

The instructions are in large print plus you get a two-page ‘get started’ guide that will have your nanny cam up in running in 10 minutes flat. All that’s needed is a micro SD card reader to record video.

The Bad

Here are common problems customers have about the top secret nanny cam mini clock radio…

There are few actual negatives outside the fact the clock itself lacks an alarm. Although I can’t imagine a clock designed to secretly record activity would be a deal breaker because it’s missing an alarm, perhaps it’s a good thing it’s missing because they’re incredibly annoying.

Another disadvantage is that if you record at the highest resolution setting, it will go through your SD card memory faster than lower resolution settings. So if you intend on using the 640×480 resolution (the highest available) you will need to invest in a larger store of memory.

Our Decision

In conclusion, the Top Secret Nanny Cam Mini Clock Radio Hidden DVR-Continuous succeeds where most others fail.

Not only does it record superb video, it has a functioning radio and mp3 player to boot. Shipping is fast and efficient making the purchase risk-free.

Buyers are successfully using this device to record quality video and audio that can also be used in the court of law.

Many of us face situations in life where there are two sides to every story because of subjective and selective reasoning. But what if you could finally have proof of one side of the story and the undeniable truth in the form of visual and audio proof?

So if you suspect foul play, suspicious behavior or any other unusual activity, this nanny cam can help you every way possible.

Where to Buy

This hidden clock radio will be available soon – check back later!