Nanny cameras catch father strangling, punching, slapping, and shaking his 2 month old baby . . .

Nanny cameras are great to find out if a babysitter or other caregiver is abusing a loved one, or if you suspect a house keeper is taking liberties with your belongings.

But sometimes, these hidden cameras catch the worst kind of person – a parent abusing his or her own child.

Such was the case when Joshua Robey was caught on camera abusing his 2 month old son. His girlfriend set up the camera because she thought Robey was cheating on her, but ended up recording him swinging his child around by a blanket tied to his neck.

The recordings also showed him punching, strangling, and shaking the baby.

Luckily, the camera caught all of this and he is now in jail – serving a 15 years to life sentence for attempted murder and child abuse.

Something like this just might be your worst nightmare. The childs’ own father abusing a 2 month old like this.

The worst part is, it sounds like the child will be dealing with the aftermath of this for a long time. The child, according to this article . . .

“Sometimes he’ll pause when he is in the middle of doing something and [will] just stand still, almost like he’s not there.”

That’s terrible. But if the girlfriend didn’t install nanny cameras in the house, the abuse may have continued until Robey killed the child.

It’s sad to think about how many other cases aren’t caught because there isn’t a nanny camera installed to catch these people before it’s too late.