Smoke Detector Nanny Cam Review

This is one of the highest rated nanny cams we have reviewed. In fact, there is only ONE thing keeping this from being a full 5-Start product . . .

Today’s busy world demands that all of us take extra precautions to be safe in both our homes and our places of business.  Fortunately, today’s technology affords us the ability to have another “pair of eyes” so we can monitor our homes and workspace.

Many people are accustomed to the look of the typical security camera and they can take measures to either disable them or move around to stay out of the cameras field of vision.  Using a camera that does not actually look like a camera is a good way to make sure that you capture what is really happening.

It is also a good idea to have security cameras that are able to record the images for you with an already built-in DVR.  This will provide easy proof of activity without too much “fuss” on your part.  Having a camera that is already attached to a DVR allows for ease of installation and use, without the need for wires or cables.

Nanny Cam Features

    • Fully functional smoke detector
    • Built-in DVR – no additional equipment or wiring needed
    • One-touch remote control
    • Motion Activated Recording
    • Video Resolution of 520 TV Lines
    • 8 GB SD card is included
Smoke Detector Nanny Cam

The Good

This unit serves two critical purposes: it is a fully functioning smoke detector and a surveillance camera that records on a built-in DVR.  The surveillance camera features a high quality color 1/3″ SONY CCD Camera with a video resolution of 520 TV Lines.  The 520 TV Lines video resolution is an improvement over lower resolution models and gives a good, clear image.  The camera’s range is over 50 feet so is good for larger areas.  Images recorded from 75 to 100 feet away came back clear.  It has a wider viewing image than expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

One of our favorite parts of this camera is it is motion activated.  This means it will only start recording when it detects movement, so when you review the footage, you don’t have to fast forward through hours of footage to see what you need to see.  It starts recording only when something is happening.

Installation was very easy.  Because this unit has a built-in DVR, all of the recording is self contained in the 8 GB SD card (included).  This is a huge plus in my book because you don’t need to run wires to a recording device, or need any transmitters in order to use this camera.  You also do not need to install any software for this to work.

This camera includes a remote control allows for easy, “one touch” operation, 8 GB SD card, and a user manual for reference.

The Bad

The Smoke Detector hidden camera and built-in DVR is a perfect stealth surveillance device, but there is one drawback.

You may want to leave a night light on (or maybe a desk lamp) when you are not at home.  The recording from this camera may not be as clear in a darker room.  Well lit areas are great, but when it is a little darker, the image quality is not as great.

So if you are able to, leaving some kind of light on while you are away is a good idea.

Our Decision

We found this to be an excellent choice for a good, inexpensive surveillance camera along with a functioning smoke detector.  The built in DVR provides the necessary recording of activities in the surveillance area.  The Sony camera provides a good, clear image and at extended distances.  Low light may give a decreased image clarity, but a night light or other light source will help to improve the image.

Because it is a functioning smoke detector, folks will not suspect that it is also a surveillance camera.  This is perfect to keep track of what is going on while you are not home and make sure your children are safe.  It is also perfect for a business to keep the workspace safe.

All in all, we find this to be an excellent choice for a low cost nanny cam with a built in DVR that also functions as a smoke detector.

Where to Buy

You can buy this highly rated nanny cam from right here